Sistergreens is a homemade, 100% cold-pressed juice brand founded by two sisters, Monica and Michelle, in Jakarta. Sistergreens' juices are always fresh and they approach their business with the authenticity of their young and passionate founders. They also strive to educate their audience on ingredients, products, and health principles in a way that stays fun, upbeat, and accessible.



empath worldwide helped Sistergreens:

  • Increase social media engagement

  • Improve social media content

  • Enhance brand image and persona

The main focus for Sistergreens was to improve social media presence and engagement, so we decided to create a Social Media Playbook. Sistergreens already had a fantastic online presence and visual identity but needed help in polishing the social media approach. The playbook includes branding strategy as well as guidelines for social media best practices, such as content buckets, a content calendar, influencer outreach protocols, and Instagram engagement and tracking. In addition to the playbook, we expanded on the influencer outreach protocols section by researching and providing a list of potential influencers for Sistergreens to contact, guidelines for influencer communications, and a tracking sheet for measuring influencer engagement. We also provided a sample campaign for Sistergreens to follow to create their own campaigns in the future as well as a sample business outreach email template.

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As a result of empath worldwide's four-month engagement with Sistergreens, Sistergreens saw:

  • Increase of Instagram followers by 262

  • Increased average reach by 35%