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pro bo-no

/ˌprō ˈbônō/

 Latin translation: for good 

providing meaningful work, free of charge, for organizations to create impact in their community

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  • Responsibilities

    • Create deliverables in an area of expertise for assigned client 

    • Report to Department Directors and Project Managers with inquiries 

    • Working on preliminary audits assessing client needs​

  • Qualifications

    • Have been enrolled in a higher institution for at least 2 years (junior standing or higher) or 1 year of relevant industry experience

    • Available to attend weekly and/or monthly meetings as set

    • Have a passion for mission-driven initiatives and agree with our core values

    • Be a team player!

The volunteer role of Creative at empath worldwide is a project-based commitment for a specified time period (one-month, three-months, or six-months) to create and implement deliverables such as social media posts, media lists, pitches, design, branding materials, or event plans that meet the needs of our clients.


Creatives are volunteers, not employees of the organization or its clients. Creatives are not entitled to receive any compensation or any benefits from empath worldwide or its clients. 

Departments: media relations, social media, branding, event planning 

from our talent


"empath worldwide was born into the most unique situation; where we could have focused on hopelessness, we focused on hopefulness to cultivate something creative and special.”

“Young, ambitious people coming together to use their talents for good marks the future of empath worldwide, and thereby the future of our field.”

“I want empath to be a community. 5, 10 years down the road, I want it to be a creative guild where communications professionals work with one another for passionate organizations to make the world a better place.” 

“We are fully virtual with talent positioned across the globe - ready to service our clients at any time. empath is the future.”

empath worldwide is all about collective opportunities for our clients and our creatives.”