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empath worldwide Gift Giving Guide

Looking for last-minute gift ideas for your loved ones? From hand made signs to handcrafted juices, we wanted to highlight some of our clients who are small businesses, to give you unique gift ideas for your friends and family,

1. Sistergreens

Need a holiday cleanse? Sistergreens juicery is a family-owned cold press juice company, founded by three sisters who love juice and embrace healthy and happy living. Their mission is to promote healthy and balanced living through great-tasting juices with the best quality ingredients. Click the link above to learn more about their juices.

2. Happy Hour Homemaker

The best gifts are those that are thoughtful. Niki Staves-Hritsco, the founder of The Happy Hourmaker, started making signs in 2015. The popularity of her sign parties inspired her to create The Happy Hour Homemaker. You can create your own DIY wooden signs by purchasing the sign kit from the Happy Hour Homemaker’s website.

3. Pangissimo

SIMO is the first ever portable surround sounds speaker that was launched in 2018 by Pangissimo, an audio tech startup founded by four Boston University engineering students. This multi-output speaker is the perfect gift for music lovers and tech enthusiasts who want to enhance their listening experience.

4. GoldKaratz Beauty

Looking for a change? Golda-Ann founded GoldKaratz Beauty with the mission to change her clients not only from the outside but the inside as well. She treats her customers like family and loves to get to know them, as well as offer her chair as a place to release and escape from their everyday life.

5. On Balance Counselling

2020 was filled with challenges. Naina Bhatia, a qualified online counselor, founded On Balance Counselling as a way to help people to adjust to this new way of living. She hopes by becoming an online platform she can reach more people, and help the lives of new patients. Click the link above to connect with Naina.

6. Junglee Media

If you are interested in photography. Check out Junglee Media. From beautiful landscapes to portraits, Junglee Media showcases different parts of the world as well as talented dancers and uses photography as a way to make an impact in different communities. Click the link above to see all of their photos on their Instagram.

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