• Sanjana Bhansali

Motivation in Motion

We at empath worldwide hold ourselves to six core values: empathy, mobility, passion, adaptability, tenacity, and honesty. While I find myself constantly striving to achieve and maintain all six values, there is one in particular that I hold closest to me, which is mobility. Mobility is to move freely and easily, while I am on the go, adapting to mobility to maintain my professional and personal life is extremely important. Finding the motivating while in motion to keep up with professional tasks, such as the work I do with empath comes easily when we value mobility as a trait. I find myself consistently being motivated to work for several reasons:

1. Team

Being surrounded by a group of like-minded, and flexible teammates allows me to stay motivated and on track with my tasks no matter where I am. Not only myself, but so many of us are constantly on the go, and juggling several different tasks. Knowing that we all support each others endeavors, and support each others’ goals, no matter where it takes us is a big part of keeping motivated. 

2. Technology

Technology allows me, and all of us to keep up to date with the world, and with any tasks that pop up. Being able to reach into my pocket and access all sorts of emails, spreadsheets, documents, and reply to my teammates with a “like”, and “react” with an emoji, while on the go keeps me on track and in the loop. 

3. Time Management

Time management is a big part of maintaining motivation while being mobile. While I try my best to keep up to date, and in the loop through my phone, it is important to understand when it’s efficient to be working. While you are in a car, bus, train, on walking, hopping on a call or replying to emails is a great use of time. However, keeping track of tasks and managing your time is important so you have some time to yourself, and don’t burn yourself out. Managing your time, to also complete one task at a time (to avoid multi-tasking) is also important to keep focus and produce great work!

4. Take it Slow

Taking it slow while you are on the go is important. No matter where you are going, and what you are doing, make it a point to enjoy the journey, and enjoy your mobility. Take this time to clear your head, and focus on other things that you are currently doing (instead of multi-tasking, like I previously mentioned). When you do this, you are able to get back into full force, and are full of new bursts of motivation for any tasks ahead.