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Work From Home Essentials

Let’s be real. Our lives are all at home now. Class from home. Exercise from home. Work from home. It’s hard to keep up a routine when every day seems like yesterday and tomorrow. I’ll admit; I’ve definitely struggled with it, but I’m trying my best! I’ve been experimenting with different things to keep me in check and on track with all my work and classes, so I thought I’d share some with everyone! Here are my work from home essentials!

1. Blue Light Glasses

Like everyone else, I’m taking all my meetings and classes online. By the end of the day, my eyes are tired, and I always have a headache. That’s where these amazing blue light glasses come in! They block the harmful lights from the screen to ease the strain on your eyes! You can find so many affordable ones on Amazon or if you’re looking to splurge, Warby Parker is always the way to go!

2. Scrunchie/Hair claw

My hair is always in my face when I’m working. I also have a nasty habit of playing with my hair throughout the day which doesn’t translate well during an online meeting with clients. A hair claw is the newest and latest hair trend on TikTok. These Amazon claws are huge and secure. I guarantee your hair will stay in place all day!

If you’re not into the hair claw trend, I recommend going the scrunchie route! I love these scrunchies from Lululemon. Like most of their products, the scrunchies are meant for active lifestyles. That means they’re not budging!

3. Agenda

With everyday feeling the same, it’s hard to keep track of meetings and classes. That is where a planner comes in. These planners from Papier can be customized, so it’s one of a kind to you! I love writing in my planners and checking off things when I finish them! So satisfying!

4. Notebook

I love notebooks to keep me organized. I have one for empath worldwide and one for each of my classes. However, I hate lugging around big spiral notebooks. These Muji notebooks solve that problem. You get five notebooks in one pack, and they’re so compact! I also love the colored spines. It helps you organize your notebooks and decipher which one goes where!

5. Target Candle

After a long day of work and class, all I want to do is take time to myself and relax. I think the best way to relax is to light a nice candle. These candles from Target are super affordable and will fill any room with the most relaxing scents!

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